Sunday, January 10, 2010

Jaffa Soft drink storyboard

Agency: TBWA Finland
Production: Spy films
Director: Ben Steiger Levine

Here's a storyboard I did for a tv advertisement for a popular Finnish soft drink. I had to work quickly (as usual) to deliver the storyboard in time for the pitch to the agency. (dir. Ben Levine)

Check out the video!

It's the story of a guy who, since he's young, always drums. At his parents house, in the gym, at christmas diner... He plays at parties, at small shows... And he finally makes it to the top... and when you're true to yourself, guess what you drink? The Product! (signature shot, and voilĂ !)

The director's approach was to have a circular dolly and use characters or props to wipe to the next scene. He wanted to show the camera movements, without loosing the storyline. He envisioned a cool and relax style that I wanted to portray in the storyboard.

I decided to work with a free style of drawing for this one as I thought it would fit with youth and authenticity, which the ad is all about. It turned out to be a very satisfying gig and the ad is pretty cool.

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