Thursday, March 18, 2010

Frito-Lay's tv commercial Motionboard and Backgdrops

Here's another tv commercial that Ben directed. I was first asked to create a motionboard (animatic) for previzualisation and pitching the concept.

Agency : Nolin BBDO
Production company: Les enfants
Director: Ben Steiger-Levine
Art Director: David Pelletier
Dir. Photography: Christophe Collette

Here's the Motionboard.

After, I was asked to create the 5 backdrops that would be skewed as if projected onto the surface. The huge photo-touchups were then printed on self adhesive 12x14 panels. I worked closely with David, the DA, to deliver theses images that needed to be glued in real-life on a cube on the set. He managed to integrate live elements to enhance the effect.

The first one, the office, is a full 3D image, that we produced with the help of Sebastien Nadeau at Spica.
First, the sketches...
Then the final image (the red lines represent where it fits on the actual set)

The three others are photo touchups and enhancements.
Original photo:

Final image:

Original photo:

Final image:

Original Photo:

Final image:

The last one, the kitchen, is a full 3D image, again achieved with the help of Sebastien Nadeau. Thanks Seb!

You can check out some on set photos here.

Here is the final tv commercial, in french. (It basically says that the new package format is convenient for any situations!)

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